Some comments previous clients have said on completing therapy:

After eight sessions 'I cannot recommend you enough. Our sessions have helped me no end. I now question the way I think and challenge myself to do more things. Thank you so much.' (C. West Sussex)

After 12 sessions 'Debbie , you really put me at ease; I didn't expect to uncover and discover so much about myself. Life is moving forward - in a good way'. (J. West Sussex)

After six months 'I feel so much more positive about life and a lot less anxious. I can look forward without being burdened by past events. Thank you so much for listening to me over the months’ (G. West Sussex)

After 12 sessions  ‘Thank you for your fabulous support. It feels like you really understood what was going on for me – that meant a lot’ (l.  East Sussex)

 After eight sessions I'  feel so much better now and doing well at school. I am even getting on better with my mum!' (M.  Age 15, West Sussex)

After eight sessions 'I am definitely more confident and happier. Having my Dad in for a session really helped. We now see more of each other and don't argue. I will miss our sessions'.  (K.  Age 14)